2nd Quarter 2023 Newsletter

                                VANDERGRIFT SPORTSMEN ASSOCIATION 

                                      SECOND QUARTER NEWSLETTER

The parking lot and driveway were raked Feb. 15th 2023 during the nice weather we had.

03-15-23 We bought 150 gallons of fuel for the tractor from Export Fuel at $3.84/gal.

Frank and Larry bought 25 sheets of target board from Stanford Lumber 03-23-23

Larry Laurenti and Frank Gray painted the perimeter of each board.

Please keep your target paper within the painter perimeters

Larry Laurenti dragged the parking lot on 03-26-23

The shotgun range clubhouse has been completed and the inspector wants a cement pad installed.

Jeff Spiering bought all of the filters and fluids needed for the tractor.

There was an officers meeting 04-10-23

We had a work day 04-22-23

Those attending:

Bob Mateo

Jerry Migliorise

Jeff Spiering

Dan Barber

Francis Gray

Larry Laurenti

Jim Troiana

Larry Laurenti held an HTE class at the club.

All 13 people passed the test and received their hunter education certification card.

The helpers were:

Frank Gray

Glen Klingensmith

Gerald Migliorsi

William Krafick

Youth Day will be held early this year because of other conflicts and will be held August 5th 2023

From 7:30 am to 3:30 pm.

All around help is needed to make this another success.

Check the Vandergrift web page for more information.

Thanks goes out to all who have supported the club this past six months and before.

If anyone has any ideas on how to help the club please bring them to a meeting so we can review them