Our rifle range facilities are composed of four shooting benches with a 50, 100, and 200 yard backstop. Must be certified by range master to shoot at 200 yard target.

You must have 5 (five) seconds between shots on the rifle rang

Questions about rifle range please contact:
Jim Wigle 724-697-5060
Jim Waltenbaugh 724-596-4225


Shotgun Patterning

Shotgun patterning can be done at the pistol range facilities where there is a backstop placed at 25 yards for shotgun patterning. Please do not use shotguns on the pistol range backstops.







  1. These range facilities are maintained for the exclusive use of club members and to a limited extent, occasional guests.
  2. Shooting hours will be limited to 10:00 A.M. until sunset, Monday through Saturday. Sunday hours are restricted, 12:00 Noon until sunset.
  3. Use of shotguns on the rifle range shall be limited to sighting with rifled slugs.
  4. Use of handguns on the rifle range shall be limited to benchrest shooting for the purpose of sight correction or trial of loads. Routine practice firing should be confined to the pistol range.
  5. Junior members under 16 years must be accompanied by a parent , legal guardian or responsible adult. Adequate precaution must be taken to insure the supervision and safety of any additional younger children in the range area. However, no children under the age of 8 shall be permitted in the range area.
  6. Use of armor piercing or similar type ammo, particularly Military 5.56(.223 cal.), 7.62 NATO (.308 cal.) and U.S. .30 cal. (30.06) armor piercing, is specifically prohibited.
  7. Use of ear plugs, muffs, other hearing protection is required. This is especially critical when children or inexperienced persons are in the area of the firing line. Where questionable judgement by anyone is observed shooters should offer adequate warning of the damaging effects of muzzle blast. Since mandatory regulation cannot be enforced, the Club cannot accept responsibility for claims of this nature. No unsupervised children allowed.
  8. Although range backstops and wings were designed to minimize ricochets from the target area, there shall be no firing with persons “spotting” from one side of the target area.
  9. Each member shall be responsible for “policing of brass”, cartridge boxes, targets, and all other rubbish.
  10. Each member shall be responsible for ensuring their own, as well as any guests’ safety and compliance with posted target and range rules.
  11. As provided by the conditions outlined in Article XIII of the Club’s Constitution and By-Laws failure of any member to comply with or help in the enforcement of Range Rules will result in expulsion from the Club.
  12. In order to minimize overshooting, the target carrier frames and the upper portion of the target carrier have been painted fluorescent orange. Under no circumstances, can any type of target be placed above the painted area.
  13. Any type of paper or cardboard target, commercial or homemade, which can be temporarily attached to the target carrier board, may be used. It shall be each shooters responsibility to remove their targets before leaving the range. This one simple act can be a major contribution to improving the appearance of the range and grounds.
  14. Use of cans, bottles, and/or other objects for targets, will not be tolerated under any circumstances.
  15. Under no circumstances may a temporary target be placed between the firing line and backstop. If sight correction requires firing closer to the target, the shooter shall move forward and fire in the safest possible manner.
  16. Deliberate firing at the target carrier frames or targets placed on or outside the target area, shall be grounds for expulsion from the Club and loss of all membership privileges.
  17. Firing at any wildlife, domestic or wild, which may appear in the range area is forbidden.
  18. All loaded guns must be kept muzzle pointed downrange toward targets at all times. Breeches on all firearms (where possible) are to be open or broken at all times except when shooting.
  19. Absolutely no firing of center-fire rifles on the pistol range.
  20. Absolutely no fully automatic weapons allowed on the ranges. NO AR TYPE WEAPONS ARE PERMITTED TO BE FIRED ON THE COMBAT RANGE.  Only 5 (five) cartridges to be loaded in your firearm at any time on the rifle range. No rapid firing on the rifle range.
  21. All alcoholic beverages are prohibited on all CLUB property. Anyone under the influence of any intoxicating substance is forbidden to use any firing range.
  22. You must have 5 (five) seconds between shots on the rifle range.