The archery range consists of twenty shooting stations along the trails of the club grounds (follow the arrows).
A variety of shots are offered with an elevated platform stand to simulate shooting from elevated positions.

All interested members are encouraged to come by and shoot the course, which takes about an hour. We also have a target set up to fine tune your bow. There are markers between 10 and 40 yards for getting those pins set dead on.

Remember the use of broadheads is strictly prohibited.

For more information on the archery range contact Larry Laurenti
Larry Laurenti
Phone: 724-727-7953






  1. These range facilities are maintained for the exclusive use of club members and to a limited extent, occasional guests. However, no children under the age of 6 shall be permitted in the archery range area.
  2. Shooting hours will be limited to sunrise until sunset.
  3. Archery equipment only to be used on the archery range.
  4. Absolutely no broadhead arrows. Target tips only to be used on archery targets.
  5. Absolutely no firing at archery targets with a firearm.
  6. All archery shooters must police the target areas.
  7. All archery safety rules must strictly be abided by, and shoot at designated targets only.
  8. All alcoholic beverages are prohibited on all CLUB property. Anyone under the influence of any intoxicating substance is forbidden to use firing range.