youth day 17

Our trap range is open to the public every Wednesday evening (excluding holidays) from 4:00 pm to ???. Anyone wanting to learn to trap shoot safely and have fun at the same time is welcome. Bring a friend, young or old, and have twice as much fun! Experienced trap shooters are welcome, also! The trap will be open on Wednesday from 4:00 PM until ???

We throw both single and double targets. The trap club has a voice activated bird thrower that is controlled by the shooter. Each round of 25 clay birds is $4.00. Shotgun patterning board available at range if needed.




  1. These range facilities are maintained for the exclusive use of club members and to a limited extent, occasional guests.
  2. Shooting hours will be limited to 10:00 A.M. until sunset, Monday through Saturday. Sunday hours are restricted, 12:00 Noon until sunset for hand throwers only. See trap range for controlled Wednesday night shoots.
  3. Shotguns using shot only.
  4. Use of ear plugs, muffs, other hearing protection is highly recommended. This is especially critical when children or inexperienced persons are in the area of the firing line. Where questionable judgement by anyone is observed shooters should offer adequate warning of the damaging effect muzzle blast. Since mandatory regulation cannot be enforced, the Club cannot accept responsibility for claims of this nature. No unsupervised children allowed. However, no children under the age of 8 shall be permitted in the range area.
  5. Each member shall be responsible for “policing of brass”, cartridge boxes, targets, and all other rubbish should be taken home and disposed of properly.
  6. Each member shall be responsible for insuring their own, as well as any guests’ safety and compliance with posted target and range rules.
  7. As provided by the conditions outlined in Article XIII of the Club’s Constitution and By-Laws failure of any member to comply with or help in the enforcement of Range Rules will result in expulsion from the Club.
  8. Use of cans, bottles, and or other objects for targets, will not be tolerated under any circumstances.
  9. Firing at any animals, domestic or wild, which may appear in the range area is forbidden.
  10. All loaded guns must be kept muzzle pointed down range toward targets at all times. Breeches on all firearms (where possible) are to be open or broken at all times, except when shooting. Guns should be placed in gunrack when not in use.
  11. No single projectile loads allowed to be fired on the range.
  12. Absolutely no fully automatic weapons allowed on the ranges.
  13. All alcoholic beverages are prohibited on all ranges. Anyone under the influence of any intoxicating substance is forbidden to use any firing range.