January Meeting Minutes


JANUARY 10, 2023

The monthly meeting was held on Tuesday, January 10, 2023 at 7:00 P.M., presided over by President Jim Waltenbaugh.  There were 18 members present.  The meeting opened with the “Pledge of Allegiance.   The minutes from the December 2022 meeting were distributed to all members present.  A motion to accept the minutes as written was made by Dennis Cribbs and seconded by Frances Gray Jr.   The motioned passed by voice vote.   The treasures report was distributed to all members present.   A motion to accept the treasures report, as written was made by Franklin Gray and seconded by Richard Catchpole.  The motion passed by voice vote.


Jim Waltenbaugh reported that the club Port-a-Johns have been serviced for the winter season.   The company has recommended that each year, in October, we put rock salt in the Port-a-Johns until they are winterized.

Neil Jankosky gave a report on the status of our cell tower contract.   Neil stated that a letter from our attorney has been sent to Crown Castle requesting an audit of money collected from the cell tower during 2022.   We will be updated when Crown Castle responds to the letter.   Neil will update the officers & members at that time.



No Report


Larry Laurenti reported that he has begun to clear down trees from the archery range.


Jim Triano reported an opening balance of $3,429.00 with an income of $63.00 for the month of December.  Expenses were $18.00 and $2,000.00 was transferred to the club general account leaving a closing balance of $1,474.00.


Opening balance was $2,938.49.  $2,000.00 was transferred to the club general account leaving a closing balance of $938.49.

Youth Day:

Franklin Gray reported that having 2023 Youth Day at the beginning of August is being considered.


Jim Lewis reported that the NRA will be having their annual fund raising dinner on February 4th.   Bob Matteo made a motion that the club sponsor a table of 10 for the dinner.   The motion was seconded by Richard Catchpole and passed by voice vote.  Any member wanting to attend the dinner should contact Jim Lewis.


Jim Lewis reported 2023 membership will be full after the new member orientation on January 14th.


There was a discussion on the need to establish new range regulations on the club Silhouette/Combat Range.   Jim Waltenbaugh has assigned a committee to review and update the guidelines for this range.  The committee includes-Bob Matteo, Rich Catchpole, Jerry Stiller, Blake Whaley and Benard Schrencengost.

Ron Henry noted that the storage shed on the trap range needs repaired.


Larry laurenti presented a list of bills needing paid.   A motion to pay bills was made by Franklin Gray and seconded by Rich Catchpole.   The motion passed by voice vote.

The 50/50 raffle was won by Jim Wigle.   Jim donated the $17.00 winnings to the breakfast account.

Motion for adjournment was made by Terry Huth and seconded by Dennis Cribbs.

Submitted by: Larry Laurenti

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