November Meeting Minutes

Vandergrift Sportsmen’s Association, Inc.

November 8, 2022

The monthly meeting was held on Tuesday, November 8, 2022, at 7:00 PM, presided over by President Jim Waltenbaugh. There were 27 members present. The meeting opened with the “Pledge of Allegiance.” The minutes from the October  meeting were passed out to all members present. A motion to accept the minutes as read was made by Terry Huth  and seconded by Rich Catchpole. The motion was passed by voice vote. The treasure’s report was passed out to all members present. A motion to accept the treasurer’s report, as presented, was made by Frank Gray and seconded by Francis Gray . The motion passed by voice vote.


Frank Gray stated that sight-in day had seven shooters. Two shooters had to be turned away. He also stated he had a lot of help. Frank asked if there could be a mass email sent out to remind people of sight-in days.

Larry Laurenti stated that the gate at the cell tower is being left open after people have been parking there to hunt.

The cable for the camera at the combat ranges needs to be replaced.

Neil stated that the attorney consulting on the cell tower suggested that the club should hold the check that was sent out by Crown Castle.

Jim Waltenbaugh stated the port-johns will be serviced as soon as the company gets some help.



No Report


No Report


Jim Wigle, Jim Waltenbaugh, Richard Catchpole, and Butch Schreckengost –

Rich Catchpole stated that the backing boards have been changed.


Larry Laurenti 

No Report


Steve Milicic 

Steve Milicic reported  an opening balance of $3,098.00. Income was $100.00. Expenses were $0.00. That leaves an ending balance of $3,198.00.


Jim Troiano reported an opening  balance  of $2,804.18. Income was $182.00. Expenses were  $47.69. That leaves an ending balance of $2,938.49. Jim stated five stand is closed for the year and will open April 2023.


Frank Gray stated that there is a club member who will help with Youth Day next year.


Jim Lewis     No report


Jim Lewis

Jim stated that he has received 40% renewal so far and has 32 people on a waiting list.


A motion was made by Larry Laurenti and seconded by Jim Troiano, to let the Washington Township police use the rifle and pistol ranges, from 12:00 until 2:00, on December 8, 2022. The motor passed by voice vote. 

A motion was made by Bob Matteo and seconded by Jim Wigle to let the Swat Team use the club ranges on March 9, 2023, and November 9, 2023,  in the evening, and on May 11, 2023, June 22, 2023, and September 14, 2023, during the day. The motion passed by voice vote. 

Larry Laurenti stated hunting on club grounds is for members only, using shot guns with small  game loads, and archery hunters. He also stated that all tree stands must be taken down every day.

Larry Laurenti ask that we recognize all the veterans in attendance.

Dan Barber brought up the subject of getting the trees cut on the club property.                                                                                                            


A motion to pay the bills was made by Steve Milicic and seconded by Frank Gray. The motion passed by voice vote.


A motion for adjournment was made by Bob Matteo and seconded by Butch Schreckengost. The motion passed by voice vote.

Minutes submitted by: 

Geff Spiering