November 2017

Vandergrift Sportsmen’s Association Inc.

November 14, 2017

The monthly meeting was held on Tuesday, November 4, 2017, at 7:00 PM, presided over by Vice President Fray Gray. There were 21 members present. The meeting opened with the “Pledge of Allegiance”. The minutes from the October  meeting were passed out to all members present.  A motion to accept the minutes  was made by Larry Gamble and seconded by Dan Barber The motion was passed by a voice vote. The treasurer’s report was passed out to all members present. A motion to accept the treasurer’s report as written was made by Steve Milcic and seconded by Jim Wigle. The motion was passed by a voice vote.


  1. The asphalting of the pistol ranges will be put on hold due to the weather they will be done next year.   

2. Up dating By Laes third reading was done at the October 2017 meeting, they are now became  law.

3. Jim Troiano stated the second round  free shoot on October 18, and 25  at the five stand went very good

  1. Sight in day November 12 2017 had 8 people went very good.
  2. M&M tree service has not yet trimmed trees on the ranges yet.  


The toilet in the club house needed repaired, only needed a new flapper installed.                                                                                       


No Report


No Report    


Larry Laurenti stated the 3D targets have put away for the year.


Steve Milcic reported that 78 lines were shot bringing in $322.00.  

That leaves trap with an ending balance of $2,740.00.

5-Stand Report

Jim Troiano  reported 79 lines shot bringing in $395.00

Turned in $1000.00 to treasure

That leaves 5 stand with an ending balance of $644.27.

Ways and Means

John Lawrence stated an ending balance $599.38.

 Youth Day

Frank Gray stated all reports for Youth Day 2017 have been completed RMEF, Game Commission, and NRA


Jim Lewis  No Report.


JimLewis  No Report.


A motion to buy two 20 gauge shot guns was made by Steve Milcic  and seconded by Bob Matteo. The motion passed by voice vote.

Youth Day Committee is working on new grant from RMEF for the up comeing year it is due November, 30 2017

50/50 RAFFLE 

The 50/50 Raffle was won by Terry Huth He won $13.00 and donated it to Youth Day.

A turkey call box was won by Francis Gray Sr.

A pen was won by Ron Henery, Fred Doland, Russ Barmmell.

A list of outstanding bills was presented. A motion to pay the bills was made by Lary Gamble, , and seconded by Francis Gray Sr. The motion was passed by a voice vote.


A motion for adjournment was made by Francis Gray Sr.and seconded by Greg Spiering. The motion was passed by a voice vote.

Minutes submitted by:

Geff Spiering