May 18, 2019 @ 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Poker shoot flyer


Vandergrift Sportsmen is holding a Poker shoot on three dates this summer.
May 18 2019
July 20 2019
Sept 21 2019
The event will start at 1 :00 PM and end at 4:00 pm or until no more rounds are signed up for.
The public is welcome, age limit is 10 years and up, we will shoot on the 25 yard pistol range using
the benches on the range.
We will be using a single sheet target with 52 playing cards with backs facing the shooter; on the
opposite side is the card value. Each shooter will get 7 shots at his target to make their best poker
hand. A judge will determine the winner based on normal poker rankings.
A scoring hit will be one that is completely inside the card outline on the back side.
Only one hole per card and seven holes per sheet. More than 7 holes and the highest card for each
extra hole will be forfeited. We will do our best to help avoid cross firing onto another target.
A $1.00 registration fee will go to the high hand of the day. Each relay will be $5.00 per shooter and
the winner of that relay will win $15.00 after the judge has scored the targets.
This is a rimfire shoot of 22 and 17 caliber rifles and pistols, Air rifles of 22 cal. and less will also be
A range officer will control the shooting at the benches and must be obeyed at all times, a time limit
on the shooting will also be used.
The club will furnish the targets, the people working the event, and judges.
The shooter will have their gun and ammo for that gun, hearing and eye protection.
This event is under roof and will be held even if it rains.
There will be snacks and drinks for sale in the club house.

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